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We are Make In India IT Infra OEM

We design and configure machines for every customer and every need. We build and configure servers, data storage, and HPC machines to deliver maximum to bring value to the ecosystem. With state of art infra platforms in a Hybrid Mode On-Prem and or CLOUD, we see our role as pivotal in delivering and supporting the best-in-class servers, and data storage. With the quick turnaround in the logistics, delivery, Configurations, and Implementation, we are close to our customers for services being predictive instead of reactive. We Deliver secure, scalable infrastructure with high-density one, two or four-socket rack servers that are optimized to power your systems to work together and independently.


We’re Ready for Industry 4.0 Infrastructure platform!

Infrastructure platform

Infrastructure platform for cloud readiness

Artificial Intelligence Platform

Generative AI confined to the desired algorithm

High Performance Computing

Complex calculations at high speeds

Experts in Hybrid IT and HPC which is shaping the Infrastructure demands

In the era of digitization and desired maximum versatile performance, robust hyper-converged infrastructure spanning any industry on which huge workloads are run has not only to perform but also has to be scalable, interoperable, and portable

  • Container Storage
  • Edge Computing 
  • Virtualization
  • Application Modernization

Get the best innovative Technology Products and Solutions

Give all your applications the performance they need plus the agility, scalability, availability, security, and simplicity of the industry’s best hyperconverged infrastructure. Achieve business success in today’s application-driven world Speed time to value for digital initiative and enjoy a  reduction in infrastructure costs. 


Grow business with endless possibilities

Computational Storage

The promise of computational storage is performance for workloads with data processing and data storage unified 

Modernize infrastructure

The process of upgrading hardware or software components in an existing legacy system

Experts in Product and Solution Delivery

Optimized configuration architecture with timely and stipulated cost deliveries for the existing ecosystem  

We standout as experts in Agility and Resilience

The Best Source for Smart Solutions

Containerization Analytics, AI, RHEL
OEM Agnostic support for all makes
Validate & Improvise Architectures
Consult Server and Storage Configurations
VMware Explore for high value workloads
Precision Workstations tailored with (AI/ML/DL)
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