Enterprise Servers

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Enterprise Servers

Our expert team can architect and configure Servers to the busniess demands which are designed to carry out a variety of activities as desired. They are made to meet a wide range of purposes by allowing users or devices to interact with these machines in a variety of ways.

The server system may execute a wide variety of tasks and various capacities and software applications and workloads can be run. The server allows to add functions by adding, updating, or removing enterprise softwares and licenses with relative ease. The performance can be monitored such that the capacity usage is derived. The servers are made robust and often used for a large selection of inputs and outputs. Our systems can come with multinode, which fits into two compute nodes into 1U of data center rack space. We also supply Rack-mount servers typically 1, 2, or 4U. In addition, 0.5U servers with horizontal space on a rack are also architected by our expert team.

Vantageo, brings to reality highly agile and intelligent IT operations with the server systems that are designed based on the demands and business requirements. The server systems solutions that can monitor and respond to future business needs of its Networks, Security, Servers, Storage, and ecosystem.

Vantageo focuses on optimizing operational costs and partners with companies to ensure that infrastructure runs efficiently.

Our benefits

  • Speed time to market
  • Slash expenses
  • Enhance security
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Strengthen resiliency

There are many types of servers, including web servers, and virtual servers, database servers, print servers, mail servers, file servers, application servers, and game servers are a few examples of servers which are technology agnostic for the platform with desired configurations. 

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Vantageo experts are call away to assist you and do the below 

  1. Perform an assessment of the network structure, server systems, security systems and layout.
  2. Confirm your TCP/IP settings are correctly configured.
  3. Rule out WAN and LAN connection issues.
  4. Evaluate the compatibility of server applications with the operating system.