High Density Storage

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Storage System

Any company is aware about the TCO for the IT Infrastructure which improves scalability, visibility, interoperability, stability through automation for continuous IT operations, and 24x7x365 services. 

We deliver Object storage that manages data as objects, as opposed to block storage architectures like files, data as blocks within sectors and tracks. Block storage is accessed when they’re attached to an OS, while object storage devices, can be accessed directly through APIs or http/https. One can store any kind of data, photos, videos, and log files and guarantees data will not be lost. Object storage data can be replicated across different data centers and offer simple web service interfaces for access  

We also deliver SAN storage devices and that can be accessed by multiple servers or computers, providing a shared pool of storage space, a storage that is highly accessible and with no latency.    

Vantageo, brings to reality highly agile and intelligent IT operations with the server systems that are designed based on the demands and business requirements. The server systems solutions that can monitor and respond to future business needs of its Networks, Security, Servers, Storage, and ecosystem.

Vantageo focuses on optimizing operational costs and partners with companies to ensure that infrastructure runs efficiently.

Our benefits

  • Speed time to market
  • Slash expenses
  • Enhance security
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Strengthen resiliency

There are many types of servers, including web servers, and virtual servers, database servers, print servers, mail servers, file servers, application servers, and game servers are a few examples of servers which are technology agnostic for the platform with desired configurations. 

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Vantageo experts are call away to assist you and do the below 

  1. Perform an assessment of the network structure, server systems, security systems and layout.
  2. Confirm your TCP/IP settings are correctly configured.
  3. Rule out WAN and LAN connection issues.
  4. Evaluate the compatibility of server applications with the operating system.